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Take a look at and buy now online James Beamont’s breakout Broadway theatre memoir book, "Journey to the Stars.” A short, exciting. very affordable read on real life on and off Broadway in the 1990’s NYC era, and what it took for James to get into the original Chorus Line production. See the Bio page and Reviews page for more information.

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Stephen Schwartz Joins For Cabaret of His Repertoire: “The Spark of Creation”

  On Friday, Oct. 19, the Music Theater Ensemble presented a “The Spark of Creation” a cabaret composed by Carnegie Mellon alumnus Stephen Schwartz (A 1968). A second-time guest composer for this annual event, Schwartz worked with the 13 students of the junior Music Theater ensemble to deliver a powerful performance. Every song, sashay and cheeky-over-the-shoulder glance reminded the audience of musical theater’s ability to delight. The sold out Greer Cabaret Theater was abuzz. Students, [...]

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Is it ever okay for non-disabled actors to play disabled roles? — OnStage Blog

  Penny Pepper We are familiar with the repellent days of “blacking up” – the disabled actors’ equivalent is “cripping up”, a term used by acting activists to highlight that it is not acceptable for a non-disabled actor to mimic impairments, then win an Oscar. Bryan Cranston’s defence of playing a wheelchair user in the new comedy-drama The Upside has underlined a particular point in the complicated issue of equality and diversity in acting: should non-disabled actors [...]

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What they’re reading: Kelsey Miller – Post | BookPage

What they're reading: Kelsey Miller Posted by Lily, Associate Editor on December 17, 2018 When a rumor recently surfaced that Netflix was pulling "Friends" from its lineup at the end of the year, Twitter collectively lost its mind. No need to panic yet (Netflix has the rights to the ’90s phenomenon till the end of 2019), but the uproar proved the point Kelsey Miller is making in her book I'll Be There For You: the [...]

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The Fat Girl’s Diatribe Against the Theatre Community — OnStage Blog

  Abigail Mowbray The theatrical industry is, on the surface, seen as an inclusive environment full of openly accepting members who desire to experience the same kind of public appreciation an eighth- grade version of myself so desperately craved. As a young artist, it has only taken me less than a handle of auditions and feedback to realize that theatre was not the fat girl’s sport. If you speak to the choreographer, they’d say that [...]

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Reviewer IndieView with Mrs Y of Mrs Y’s Reviews Books

  I look for what catches my eyes as an average consumer, because I know I’m not the only consumer who looks for these things. Mrs Y. – 3 February 2019 About Reviewing How did you get started? I wanted to write a novel, but I realized that the best way to know what was popular and popular to write was to read. I also saw on Twitter that most of the Indie writers there [...]

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Interview with Joanna Blake, author of Hard Road

What can you tell us about your new release, Hard Road? Shane’s story is one of the most emotional I have ever written. The character was introduced in another book titled Cuffed, and I have always had this story in mind. Hard Road is part of a series of connected characters but can be read as a standalone. What or who inspired you to become an author? My mother, who recently passed away, was an avid reader. Murder [...]

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2019 Youth Media Award Winners – Post | BookPage

2019 Youth Media Award Winners Posted by Hilli, Assistant Editor on January 28, 2019 This morning the American Library Association (ALA) announced the top prizes in children's and young adult literature, including the Caldecott, Newbery and Printz awards. Scroll on to see the full list of winners and read more about these acclaimed books! NEWBERY MEDAL, for the most outstanding contribution to children’s literature: Merci Suárez Changes Gears by Meg Medina (Candlewick) Newbery Honor Books: CALDECOTT MEDAL, for the [...]

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Peter Cooke Weighs in on 2019 Theater Trends in Backstage Magazine

  Peter Cooke AM, Ph.D., head of the School of Drama was a largely quoted expert in Backstage magazine’s recent story titled “The 2019 Theater Trends You Should Absolutely Know:” Peter Cooke, the head of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama is here to help. Of course, helming one of the most influential performing arts programs in existence today, Cooke knows what he’s talking about. “As we look to the year ahead in theater, I imagine we will [...]

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Looking at Tokenism on Broadway — OnStage Blog

  Hopefully at this point, we all agree that minorities are underrepresented in media. People of color deserve to be represented. However, this very public and debated issue of minority casting has created a whole new controversy of its own: tokenism. Tokenism defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “actions that are the result of pretending to give an advantage to those groups in society who are often treated unfairly, in order to give the appearance of [...]

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