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Take a look at and buy now online James Beamont’s breakout Broadway theatre memoir book, "Journey to the Stars.” A short, exciting. very affordable read on real life on and off Broadway in the 1990’s NYC era, and what it took for James to get into the original Chorus Line production. See the Bio page and Reviews page for more information.

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“Know your technique and always be open to keep learning!” – Chatting with WEST SIDE STORY’s Juan Caballer Prades! — OnStage Blog

  I would like you to meet the talented Juan Caballer Prades. This triple threat will be performing in the Lyric Opera in Chicago’s production of West Side Story (a show he has performed previously at The Barrington Stage) where he’ll be playing the role of Tiger and understudy for the role of Chino. Some other recent credits include Jerome Robbins Broadway 30th Anniversary Reunion, as well performing in Evita at The Asolo Repertory Theatre [...]

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The Story Behind A Single Kiss by W. Winters

12 Apr 2019 By W. Winters Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes when you don’t expect it. It evades you when you are convinced you need it. Even more finicky than that, it morphs before your eyes and becomes something you may never have expected. There’s a specific scene in A Single Kiss where everything changes for my heroine. Like the mechanical dial of a clock, the gears slipped into place and love clicked [...]

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Catherine and JD “Super Smack” Ricafort Blend Beats and Broadway in Nintendo-Flavored Debut Hip-Hop Video — OnStage Blog

  I found parts of the song a little reminiscent of Daveed Diggs' "Fresh From the Hood," another amazing "Here I Am" tune rooted in the hip hop tradition but with a strong nod to musical theatre. Smack, I believe you were actually in Diggs' program at the Public. Tell me a little about that experience and how it influenced your growth as an individual artist. Smack: Yes! I got to do the #BARS Workshop [...]

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The Buzziest Books of March | 2019

28 Mar 2019 The Buzziest Books of March | 2019 The month of March was an amazing time for readers with a host of exciting releases from bestselling authors. There were so many page-turning novels that captivated us from cover to cover this month. If you want to catch up on the books everyone was talking about, here are our choices for the buzziest books of March. Happy reading!   The Perfect Stranger by Marin [...]

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‘Pilgrims’ Takes On Metaphorical and Literal colonialism

  By Pravin Wilkins Pilgrims by Claire Kiechel tells the story of a soldier and a teenage girl who are quarantined together on a ship that is bound for a recently discovered planet. Through their interactions—and their interactions with their robot servant—both characters explore their past traumas as they imagine their futures in an unsure colonialist setting. After the performance, I got the chance to ask Director Connor Driscoll some questions about the piece: What [...]

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Productivity Hacks for Busy Actors — OnStage Blog

  Sara Glancy Multitasking is Not the Answer: Productivity Hacks For Busy Actors It’s time for me to come clean. The rumors you’ve heard are true. I am a double dipper. Now before you uninvite me to your birthday party, let me explain. I am not some kind of monster who returns a tortilla chip into the communal salsa after taking a bite. The double dipping I’m referring to is in regards to my time-management [...]

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Starting Here, Starting Now: Documenting a Theatre Company’s First Show

  It is a daunting task to not only form a new theatre company but also get its first show off the ground onto the stage. The brand new Connecticut Arts Players are producing Avenue Q as their inaugural show. Over the next couple of months, OnStage Blog will be documenting their journey from auditions to opening night. Part 2: The Auditions Auditions for any community theatre company can be a challenge. However, for a [...]

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Life as a Cruise Ship Crooner — OnStage Blog

  While cruising for a living may seem glamorous, being at sea for six months at a stretch has its challenges. Aimee Lake has traveled the world while performing as a lead vocalist on Silversea cruise ships, and she compares the experience to drama school: “Ship life is a lot like drama school: you are in your own little bubble. You find yourself spending time with the same people over and over again in a [...]

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From Front of House to Center Stage

  Let me tell you, I have had the privilege of doing interviews for OnStage Blog for well over a year now, and some stories are just so amazing, surreal, and inspiring. Some of these interviews and hearing these artist stories strongly remind me that if you work hard for your dreams, your dreams will work hard for you. With that said it is my honor to introduce you to the wonderful Sarita Amani Nash. [...]

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The Amazing Mission at Open Door Theater — OnStage Blog

  A bus stop doesn’t seem an auspicious place to start a theater company but for Open Door Theater, based in Acton, MA it’s at a bus stop where Penny Pitts and Nancy Carroll first conceived of Open Door Theater. It was 1980 and Penny, a puppeteer new to Acton, joined Nancy in her idea of a theater open to all where the idea of “all” really meant all. At Open Door Theater, actors who [...]

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