Broadway memoir ebook – download and read now: the real Broadway.After performing on The Julie Andrews Hour and the television series Switch, James made his Broadway debut in A Chorus Line. He also danced extensively through the United States and around the world in several ballet companies. Based on James’ extensive career in the performing arts, Journey Through The Stars is a series of star-studded vignettes expressed through his wicked sense of humor.

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Lovers of Broadway theatre - its history, star entertainers and big marquee shows – are going to want to add James Beaumont’s theatre autobiography to their reading collections. Theatre students who are down in the trenches studying with the best masters and auditioning armed with discipline and hope are going to recognize the power, punch and wit of this book right away. If you want to imagine, to a degree, the life of a Broadway and television variety entertainer (on the marquee signage for A Chorus Line in New York City), then this book takes you fully inside the New York entertainment world. Looking the year’s best Broadway memoir ebook that’s an easy, entertaining read: buy and download Journey to the Stars now.