Big stage. Big celebrities. Big story from James Beaumont.


A funny, touching, inspiring book that paints a Broadway performer’s rich artistic life with swift strokes. Famous celebrities enter and exit with sage advice, targeted inspiration and humor as James advances his way through a career path across Broadway and into TV’s glorious heyday variety shows. Revealing anecdotes. An engaging exploring of James’ life on and off stage.

Inside the Book


James Beaumont enjoyed many years from youth to maturity participating in the entertainment corps of hit Broadway musicals and TV variety shows—in minor and major roles. He wrote this book as a collection of vignettes that are entertaining, revealingly titillating and insightful. Yet, his book is meant to be potently inspiring as well. He calls it, “A wonderful read for anyone that is starting their journey and wishes to reach for the stars or anyone that wishes to celebrate their own” The book also captures an era of entertainment that is full of nostalgic wistfulness, speaking to a longing for more harmonious times.